Principal’s Message

If seed is carefully nurtured by Gardener, it will become good plant and produce better fruit, therefore children must be given a good training from earliest childhood.
Development and progress are the hallmark of a good institution, keeping this as our motto, we constantly make efforts to better ourselves.

The student diary is a important link between the school and parents which keeps you fully abreast with the rules and regulations of the school and can be of great help in meeting the never-ending challenges of the child’s growth. It is therefore very important to ensure that the child not only carries the diary to school everyday but also use it properly. We tried to make diary more functional than elaborate, that is why we have chosen its contents strictly for their practical utility.

Your initiative, and our efforts will certainly make your ward’s educational experience a fruitful one.
Let us together make an endeavour to develop and groom our children into mature individual of whom we can be proud and who will forge ahead with their heads held high.

I wish all our students a very successful academic session. Always have faith in yourself and work earnestly to chase your dreams. Looking forward to your co-operation.

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